Advertiser-centric copy vs. Customer-oriented copy
When I write, I'm constantly thinking about your customers. Here are some examples. What sounds more scrumptious: brownies a la mode or a mountain of vanilla ice-cream atop a warm, chewy, delectable brownie? How would you prefer someone to describe your home: a small house or a quaint dwelling? A big house or a spacious abode? How about this one--would you rather slip into a red dress or a silky, scarlet gown? Chances are you'd choose the latter desscriptions. The difference? 

​To cancel an order, return the merchandise and invoice to us in its original container. Upon receipt of the book in good condition, we will inform our Accounting Department that your invoice is cancelled.

The objective of the 9-month term risk-free certificate of deposit (CD) at an interest rate of return of 3.8% is to seek the maximum current income that is consistent with low capital risk and the maintenace of total liquidity.

We have a long-standing tradition of installing quality roofs that dates back to 1965. Adverse weather conditions will not result in structural deterioration of our roofs. 

If you're not satisfied with the book, simply return it to us with the invoice. You won't owe us a cent. What could be easier than that?

Yielding an interest rate of 3.8%, the 9-month risk-free certificate of deposit (CD) gives you the maximum return on your investment dollar with the lowest risk. And you can take out as much money as you like--whenever you like. 

We have been installing quality roofs for 50 years. Our customers trust that our roofs won't leak if it rains. 
It's all in the words.
They can express feelings, add insight and bring understanding to everyday situations. By using the perfect words, we can better convey the emotion of an experience. No matter the project, the words we choose can express heartfelt sentiments and turn an average project into a spectacular creative quest, directed at your customer.